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Aqua grows!

Light Everyone! The past few months we have put all our energy into setting up all the tools and workflows we need to create the underwater world of Aquanox Deep Descent. We are very happy with how this world is […]


Building a World: Part 1

Light Everyone! We’re very excited about how the game progresses on all fronts and we are looking forward to showing you some first impressions of gameplay soon. The team is currently going forward with defining the physical stats of our […]


Nordic Games Visit

Light Everyone! The past week has been rather crazy. We’ve spent a lot of work on defining ships and other parts of the environment. We also had a visit from two producers from our publisher Nordic Games, who came over […]


Eternal depths and epic feasts

Light Everyone! Another two members arrived last week at our offices. It’s always great to see the team expand! The new guys are Mikhail, who is one of our exterior concept artists and also Art Director on the project, and Devin […]


Our new home! (above sea level :) )

Light Everyone! Welcome to a new development blog entry for Aquanox Deep Descent. This one is very special for us, as we are creating this entry live from our new studio environment in Novi Sad! The place is great, the […]


We are Funded!

Light everyone! All of you have made it possible: Aquanox Deep Descent has reached its main funding goal and this means we have the greenlight to make this game happen! Here’s a little message from our lead designer Norbert: Don’t […]


Our influences

Which games, books, movies or documentaries inspired our team when creating Aquanox Deep Descent Various people get inspired by different things. A lot of shows, games, books and movies inspired members of the Digital Arrow team when creating various aspects of […]


Unreal Engine 4: World Building – Developer Video Series Part 1

Light Everyone! In our new Update, we are introducing our video series about the Aquanox Dark Descent Unreal Engine 4 prototype, which is currently in a very early phase of development. In these videos, we will talk not only about […]


Re-Imagining Aqua

Our Aquanox Deep Descent Kickstarter is now Live! The original AquaNox-series started with Archimedean Dynasty (“Schleichfahrt” in German), released for MS-DOS by Massive Development and Blue Byte in 1996, which was followed by AquaNox in 2001 and AquaNox 2: Revelation in […]


Kickstarter Stretch Goals

Light everyone! You are amazing! Every bit of sharing helps us a tremendous amount, and we are thankful for your support! The moment of reaching the main funding goal for our Aquanox Kickstarter is closer and closer! So it’s the time […]

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