Aquanox Deep Descent features six unique primary weapons, each serving a distinct tactical purpose. They can also be modified to create various AOE, DOT and homing effects.


The torpedo launcher, in all its variations, deals heavy damage to the hull of enemy ships. Ammo count, maximum damage or homing capabilities - finding the right torpedo launcher is key to the effectiveness of the ship loadout.


First introduced by Russian engineers as „Kaban2000“, this shrapnel cannon is devastating from close range, showering the enemy with a wide cone of scrap metal.


A must-have in every ship loadout, heavy machine guns offer near direct-hit fire power at mid to wide range. They are ideal for stripping away an enemy's defense grid before breaking its hull with a torpedo.


Lovingly called „Gooey“ or „Sticky“ by its aficionados, the bio-repeater fires canisters filled with bio-chemical liquid that stick to the hull of an enemy ship and can be detonated simultaneously.


High-velocity rail guns offering maximum range and accuracy. Ideal for avoiding the enemy radar by using their sniping capabilities from a hidden cave entrance with the ship's engine turned off.


The secondary weapons in Aquanox Deep Descent allow you to diversify your play style and complement your primary weapon set-up. Automatic secondary weapons will deal less damage, but aim at your enemies automatically, allowing you to focus on evasive maneuvers. Manual secondary weapons increase your tactical possibilities or simply allow you to fire multiple weapons at once, blasting your enemies away with one mighty blow. Tactical weapons like mortars (for attacks from above) and various mine types (when you're being chased) further allow you to surprise your enemies, both in single- and multiplayer.