Aquanox Deep Descent features six unique primary weapons, each serving a distinct tactical purpose. Each weapon has its own modified versions, which are more powerful and have better adjustments to specific battle conditions.


The torpedo launcher, in all its variations, deals heavy damage to the hull of enemy ships. Finding the right torpedo launcher is a key to the effectiveness of the ship loadout.


First introduced by Russian engineers as „Kaban2000“, this shrapnel cannon is devastating from close range, showering the enemy with a wide cone of scrap metal.


A must-have in every ship loadout, heavy machine guns offer near direct-hit fire power at mid-to-wide range. They are ideal for stripping away an enemy's defense grid before breaking its hull with a torpedo.


A weaponised nano plankton canister launcher created by various pirate clans, further advanced by a variety of others. It was the High Seas who weaponised the nano plankton plague.

The Hazard launches canisters filled with nano plankton that explode on impact, spreading nano plankton around the target ship. The canisters can be detonated mid-travel to zone out potential threats.


A marvel of CU engineering, the prototype IV of the Clans Union is often called the sudden death, due to its long range and high-impact damage. This weapon can be used to bring down potential enemies before they draw too close, making it a perfect weapon for CU.


Secondary weapons in the world of Aqua allow you to diversify and complement your primary weapon setup.

Secondary weapons have unlimited ammo and aim automatically - allowing you to focus on evasive maneuvers. To maintain this ability, they must draw power directly from the ship. This reduces their damage, and forces them to fire in bursts before cooling off.

Toggling them on and off is advised to avoid potential problems in neutral waters.